2018 International Conference on Residency Education - La Conférence internationale sur la formation des résidents 2018
Thursday, October 18, 2018
“In the Meantime…” Getting Ready for a Transition to a Competency-based Residency Training Program
Program track: Competency-based education, Pre-conference events
Learner Level: Intermediate
08:00 - 11:30
(Room 609, Halifax Convention Centre)
Language of presentation: English

This session is designed for teachers and educators involved in transitioning to competency based medical education (intermediate level). Upon completion of this session; participants will be able to: define 3 key program level changes necessary for transitioning to CBME; apply a change management framework to enable this transition; and develop a connection with at least one other educator for future follow-up.

The world is changing, particularly in medical education. The transition to competency-based medical education (CBME) requires an investment in educational resources, including protected time for educators, simulation and digital assessment platforms. The magnitude of change challenges invested educators with competing priorities and extensive opportunities for innovation.

This repeat workshop updated for 2018 will unpack the key enablers to integrate the functional elements of CBME into a residency training program. The ultimate goal is to answer the question…"What can I do now, to make this easier later?" Leveraging the successes and challenges of early Canadian CBME adopters, participants will identify strategies to integrate authentic work place assessments, aggregate and synthesize assessment data and engage clinical teachers in faculty development.

Change is fun! Using the themes described above, this workshop will also explicitly describe change management strategies with practical applications to CBME curricula. At the end of this session the participant will have identified one new thing they can implement at their center, a strategy to be successful in that change, and a follow up plan.


J. Sherbino, McMaster University, Hamilton; S. McIsaac, The Northern School of Medicine, Sudbury; R. Anderson, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury
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